To Fire or Not To Fire? How to Fire Someone

Deciding whether and how to fire someone is the hardest part of your job.

In leading 5 companies, I’ve had to do it more times than I care to remember (Each night before, the nausea… ugh)

So, I created a free 1-page PDF guide to help you make the decision: to fire or not to fire? Ultimately, it will lead you in the direction of how to fire someone.
Here it is:

Download the free 1-page PDF Guide

As a sneak peak, here’s the first tip from my guide that will help you determine why and how to fire someone:
Be honest with yourself.
• Do they have the “will?” – the desire to do the job?
• Do they have the “skill?” – the ability to do the job?
• Have you provided direct feedback on a regular basis? If you fired them today, would they be surprised? (If so, you failed them as a manager.)
• Have you seen rapid improvement to indicate that the trajectory is changing?
• Does your instinct tell you that you made a bad hire, or that they are wrong for the position?
• Is your staff telling you that the person is over their head in this role?
• Are they causing more problems then they’re solving? Are you investing excessive amounts of time cleaning of their messes?
• Is there a different role in the company where they would excel? (Not a made-up role, but a truly necessary function.)
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