Recruit Rockstars 292: Blitzscaling Your Team

By December 3, 2019 No Comments

I just had the privilege of interviewing Chris Yeh.

Along with Reid Hoffman, he’s the co-author of Blitzscaling, the book that explains how to build world-changing companies like Amazon, Alibaba & Airbnb in record time.

A writer, investor, and entrepreneur, Chris has had a ringside seat in the world of startups & scaleups since 1995.

And Amazon named Blitzscaling one of their top 20 business & leadership books last year. Which is why I was so excited to spend time with Chris.

What is the secret to starting & scaling massively valuable companies?

In this 20-min conversation, Chris shares a specific set of practices for igniting & managing dizzying growth. Of course, we focused on the often-messy ‘people part’ of Blitzscaling.