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30 Years of Super-Fast Hiring for VC & PE Portfolio Companies

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No more roles vacant for months
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Stop painful hiring mistakes
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Avoid huge recruiting fees
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Trusted by Over 500 Portfolio Companies

Fed Up With Untargeted Job Boards & Expensive Recruiting Firms?

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Hiring is
Taking Forever
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Drowning in Unqualified Applicants
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Excessive Recruiter Fees
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Candidates Are Unaffordable
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Ignore Your Criteria
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Thru Social Networks

End Your Search Today with The Matchmaker

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30 years of recruiting experience
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10x less expensive than traditional recruiting
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5x faster than traditional recruiting
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Named “The Matchmaker” by Inc Magazine
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Exclusive focus on VC & PE portfolio companies
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Far easier than job boards

2 Ways to Meet Your Rockstar

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Just the names. Fast.
10 perfect matches in 10 days.

Why pay us to interview the candidates when you already know how?

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10x less expensive than traditional recruiters
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No more unqualified job board applicants
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No more digging thru social profiles
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Works for any role, seniority, location
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Full Money Back Guarantee
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Your company’s success depends on this hire, but you don’t have time to do it yourself.

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White-glove service
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Every candidate fully-vetted by our CEO
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Rigorous interviewing methodology
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Thorough reference checks
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Full 1-Year Guarantee
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About Us

We Help CEO’s, HR Leaders, and Investors Put a Rockstar in Every Seat.

Hi I’m Jeff Hyman. After 30 years of recruiting, 40,000 interviews, and 4,000 hires, I’ve found that top-performers are as elusive as ever.

That’s why I created Recruit Rockstars. To help you meet your next hire quickly & affordably. I share your passion for finding those invaluable Top 5% candidates who can transform your business.

No more waiting. No more insane fees. Our 2 unique services -Shortlist and Search- simplify your process by focusing on the perfect match to grow your business.

Inc Magazine called me “The Matchmaker” for a reason. I refuse to let you make a hiring mistake.

Our Latest Insights

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Success Stories From Our Clients

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do you identify candidates?
What makes Recruit Rockstars different from traditional recruiting firms?
Can Recruit Rockstars help my business compete in a tight job market?
Does Recruit Rockstars specialize in my field?
Do you work outside the US?
What do traditional recruiting firms think of this approach?
I’ve heard this all before. I’m skeptical.
I’m looking for my next job. How do I get considered for your searches?
What is your approach to passive vs. active candidates?
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Ready to Find Your Rockstar?

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