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Ready to Discover the Undiscovered Talent?

That’s what the smartest recruiters do. Candidates who are already “on the radar” are largely unaffordable & unlikely to make a move. Instead, we specialize in finding, assessing, and introducing you to the next class of leaders. They’re off-the-radar, but proven & ready to take on the next big thing. Like your business.

Don’t trust recruiters?
We don’t blame you.
The recruiting industry is famous for overpromising, underdelivering, and overcharging for a reason. So for 30 years, we’ve broken every industry rule. You’ll get the results you deserve … faster & more affordably than traditional recruiting firms.
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With 90,000 recruiters out there, Why select us?
In a word: Jeff. You get the recruiter & 4-time CEO who wrote the industry’s best-selling guide Recruit Rockstars: The 10 Step Playbook to Find the Winners & Ignite Your Business. He personally assesses each candidate for fit with the role (skills & competencies) and fit with your company (DNA).

From Soup to Nuts. We Handle Everything.

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Vast Sourcing
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Full Interviews
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Interview Scorecard
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DNA Assessment
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Test Drive
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In-Depth Vetting
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Backdoor Reference Checks
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Compensation Benchmarking
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1-Year Unlimited Guarantee
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White Glove Service

Your Time is Limited.
Our Process Avoids Hiring Do-Overs.

Design the Scorecard
Step 1
Cast a Wide Net
Step 2
In-Depth Vetting
Step 3
Test Drive
Step 4
Backdoor Reference Checks
Step 5
Time’s Not On Your Side.
But We Are.
Two secrets let us introduce your new hire in 1 month instead of 3, like other recruiting firms. First, Jeff leads only 3 searches at a time (Most recruiters have 10 or 15 on their plate.) So your search gets the focus it deserves. Second, we built the patented Shortlist candidate-sourcing platform which identifies, emails, and texts every qualified candidate within hours. This shaves crucial weeks off your search.

Traditional Recruiting Firms Charge Twice as Much

Our Search Fee


per hire
Soup to Nuts
3 Vetted Candidates
30 Day Turnaround
Why Pay Half
To The House?
Did you know that the recruiter leading your search only keeps half of the fee you pay? The other half goes to the “House.” Translation: the overhead, fancy mahogany desks, office space, administrative assistants, and everything else big firms need. We have no “House,” so our fees are half what the other firms charge. Your CFO will think you’re a genius.

Compare Us to Traditional Recruiting Firms


Recruiting Firms

Who Leads Your Search

Industry Expert &
4-Time CEO

Junior Associate

3 fully-vetted

Who knows?

30 days

2 to 3 months
Reference Checks



1-Year Unlimited

Read the fine print

$30,000 flat

15% to 33% of compensation
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Success Stories From Our Clients

Frequently Asked Questions

This search is crucial. Who does the actual work?
How is Search so inexpensive?
How is Search so fast?
How do you interview the candidates?
Are the results guaranteed? What’s the fine print?
Does Recruit Rockstars specialize in my field?
I’ve heard this all before. So I’m skeptical.
I’m looking for my next job. How do I get considered for your searches?
What If My New Hire
Doesn’t Work Out?
We get it. Things happen. So, every placement comes with an Unlimited 1-year Guarantee. Jeff personally & thoroughly vets each finalist to ensure you get it right. But -if for any reason- they don’t work out, we will conduct a replacement search at no additional cost.
We Don’t Swing
At Every Pitch.
We finish every search we start. But we don’t say “Yes” to them all. Here’s a breakdown of our specialties.
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Want us to help you handpick the right person?


Setup a 15-minute call with Jeff to discuss your exact requirements.