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Never hire a B Player again.

The 10 Step Playbook to Find the Winners and Ignite Your Business

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“I read this book in one weekend, and I loved it. Everybody claims they want to hire A-Players, but Jeff and his book help you understand why B-Players are more damaging to your company than you expect. You can't build a world-changing company without world-class talent. Ignore Jeff’s wisdom at your own peril."

Dick Costolo
Former CEO, Twitter

Who should read Recruit Rockstars?


You’ve arrived. But half of your company’s new hires don’t pan out. So if you’re tired of investors & board members being on your case for missing the numbers, put a Rockstar in every seat. You’ll sleep through the night again.


You’ve got a great concept. But without a Rockstar team, you’ll never execute & scale a world-class company. Jeff has started four businesses and raised $50M from outside investors, so he understands your pressures & constraints.


You’ve mastered your functional area; now master the most important skill necessary for becoming a world-class CEO. Recruiting and retaining talent is what separates those who make it to the Boardroom from those who don’t.


The #1 thing you can do to maximize portfolio company results is to ensure there’s a Rockstar in every seat. Jeff is a founder, investor, board member, and operating partner. So, he understands how to connect talent to the key levers of value creation.

Why this book? Why now?

Ninety percent of business problems are actually recruiting problems in disguise. If you’re filling your company’s vacant positions with B-players, you’re playing with fire. Instead, hire Rockstars to build an organization with limitless potential. Recruit Rockstars shows you how to find, hire, and keep the best of the best.

Top-tier executive recruiter Jeff Hyman has hired more than 3,000 people over the course of his career. Now, he reveals his bulletproof 10-step method for landing the very best talent, based on data instead of gut feel. From sourcing and interviewing to closing and onboarding, you’ll learn how to attract winners like a magnet and avoid the mistakes that result in bad hires.

Assembling a team of driven and innovative Rockstars is the most powerful competitive advantage you can have in today’s ever-changing business world. Recruit Rockstars will help you nail your numbers, impress your investors, and crush your competitors.

“This is the must-read guide for any leader, in any industry, who aspires to build a team of top-performers. I’ve hired countless people in my career, from GE to McKinsey to Northwestern. Yet, I started taking notes on page one. Jeff Hyman’s Recruit Rockstars is the decoder ring we all need.”

Betsy Ziegler
Chief Innovation Officer, Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University

In Recruit Rockstars, You'll Learn:

  1. Why 46% of new hires are no longer with their company after just 18 months (pg. 8)

  2. How to ensure that everyone on your team is on – and stay on- the same page when interviewing candidates (pg. 15)

  3. Why DNA is a better way to assess candidates than culture fit, and exactly how to do it (pg. 32)

  4. How recruiting is more like sales & marketing, then human resources (pg. 49)

  5. Why 99% of job descriptions actually repel the best candidates, and what to do about it (pg. 57)

  6. The single best place to find your next Rockstar candidate (it’s not what you think it is) (pg. 73)

  7. The exact email I send to candidates that engages them almost every time (pg. 92)

  8. A list of the most predictive interview questions you should ask & why brainteaser questions aren’t amongst them (pg. 109)

  9. Why 4 is the perfect number of interviews with each candidate (pg. 128)

  10. The most important step in the recruiting process, that 91% of employers skip altogether (pg. 144)

  11. How to make sure your first-choice candidate says “Yes!” every time (pg. 157)

And a lot, lot more.

The book is also filled with scary but true examples of the mistakes I’ve seen in my 25 years of recruiting. Avoid them, and you’ll ignite your business – regardless of your size or industry.

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  • Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-61961-815-2
  • 229 pages
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